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‘Mobile Clickables’ is a clickable hyperlinked dynamic brochure to be used as a marketing tool for companies and distributed by WhatsApp or WeChat. The hyperlinks can lead users to websites, google surveys, folders, presentation decks, maps, dialer, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. MCs can be used by various industries for a multitude of uses, mainly promoting their products and services.

01 | Audience

02 | Transmission Via Mobile

03 | Creativity

04 | Flexible Pricing


Connecting with Businesses and people

Why invest in ‘Mobile Clickables’ ?

Downloadable guides and brochures are a great digital asset to get produced. Having informative information that your customers can take away with them is a very valuable asset. You will want to make sure your content is informative, educational, entertaining or have something of value that your customer will gain by downloading your marketing material.

What we can include?

Product Imagery Specification sheets Comparative analysis Expert video reviews Video animation Pricelists Scoreboards Testimonials Research decks Website, and social media links App store link iTunes/Google store Mobile and Email links Waze and Google Maps



Property Development


The Workflow

The Process


Metrics Covered

Features Button Demographics

Reviews Button Demoraphics

Specifications Button Demographics

Package Options

  • Base cost Adaptations
  • Updating of Links Response Aggregation
  • Monthly Reporting

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