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We offer highly integrated, high-technology 3D solution from creative content development to installation for retailers, agencies and brand to create highly impactful, real-time advertisement.

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TGV Media Reselling

53 installations at the Top 16 TGV Cinema outlets nationwide which sees 14 million admissions per year. The media platform is anamorphic on the wall and floors at the foyers, hall entrances and lobby areas.

Floor & wall projection

High traffic location

Package 01

RM 53,000

Total of a Month

Media RM12,000/week

Prod. Cost RM5,000

20 Seconds

16 Cinemas

286,200 Exp/month*

Package 02

RM 33,160

Total of a Month

Media Rm7,040/week

Prod. Cost RM5,000

20 Seconds


140,400 Exp/month*

Package 03

RM 24,200

Total of a Month

Media RM4,800/week

Prod. Cost RM5,000

20 Seconds

8 Cinemas

72,900 Exp/month*

Package 04

RM 37,560

Total of a Month

Media RM8,640/week

Prod. Cost RM3,000

10 Seconds

16 Cinemas

286,200 Exp/month*

Package 05

RM 26,320

Total of a Month

Media Rm5,830/week

Prod. Cost RM3,000

10 Seconds

8 Cinemas

140,400 Exp/month*

Package 06

RM 18,160

Total of a Month

Media RM3,790/week

Prod. Cost RM3,000

10 Seconds

8 Cinemas

72,900 Exposures/month*

*Exposure count per project

Mobile Linq

-Digital marketing collateral

-The idea to build and host digital collateral distributedd through mobile

-Transmitted through Whatsapp

-Product Imagery/ Impression

Specification Sheets

Comparative analysis

Video expert review


Website & social media links

Mobile and Email links

Video Animation

Price list


Research Decks

App store link iTunes/Google store

Waze & Google Map


RM 3,500

3 Months

3 layers (max 6 screens)

8 Links( RM 50/additional)

Direct  Rental

The 3D projection network helps retailers offer a theatrical in-store experience to promote brand equity and awareness. This helps to promote products, drive sales, and delights customers with the new and entertaining experiences.

-Dedicated 3D Content channel at own outlet up to 14 hours a day

-Floor & Wall projections

-Dynamic customer communication channel

-Multi brand content

-Shared Media

-Geo Target

-Time sensitive


Our Happy Clients

Animation/ TGV

Digital Mobile Collateral

What People Say

"It's awesome."

"I think it's fresh and original, I've never seen anything like it."

"I think it's wonderfully interactive."

What The Shopper Marketeers Say

“The consumer engagement generated from this platform has been very high and we naturally are very pleased with the impact it has on our brand recall and its sales.”

Anje Henze

 Marketing Director, Dutch Lady Malaysia

Visual EFX's primary intention is to collaborate with top media agencies and media owners to build capex free revenue sharing partnerships. By building a permanent network of projectors across their top performing and high footfall locations, it proposes to jointly offer there sites for brands to advertise their products and services.

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