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Taking your Audience to a new dimension

The Technology

Welcome to the future world of advertising. Visual Retale can help to elevate your brand experience to new heights with our patented technology of anamorphic projections that creates compelling 3D illusions like no other. Widely recognised in 8 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, UK, US, China, Australia, India and Thailand, we have successfully deployed our cutting-edge technology to Cinemas, Hypermarkets, Retail outlets, Banks and Food and Beverage outlets within our international markets.

Company Background

Visual Retale is an MSC status media technology company supported by the government through commercial and R&D grants that offers high-technology 3D projections for use in advertising. Operating as a media reselling concession at TGV Cinemas nationwide, we are also looking to collaborate with top media agencies and media owners to build capex free revenue sharing partnerships by building a permanent network of projectors across their top performing and high traffic venues. The objective is to provide avenues for brands to increase brand awareness and recall by advertising their products and services via these shared platforms. We also cater to direct rental 3D projections deployment in banks, insurance companies, auto dealerships and Food & Beverage outlets for a fixed fee.

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Our Service

Superior, innovative & groundbreaking invention

We offer highly integrated, high-technology 3D solution from creative content development to installation for retailers, agencies and brands to create highly impactful, real-time advertisements.

TGV Media Reselling
53 installations at the Top 16 TGV Cinema outlets nationwide which sees 14 million admissions per year. The media platform is anamorphic on the wall and floors at the foyers, hall entrances and lobby areas.

The 3D projection network helps retailers offer a theatrical in-store experience to promote brand equity and awareness. This helps to promote products, drive sales, and delights customers with the new and entertaining experiences.


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Meet Our Team

Sailendra Kanagasundram,

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Edwards,

Office Manager, UK Office

Christopher Abeysekera,

Business Development Manager

Irwan Saufi,

Head of Studio & Operations

Our team brings together a remarkable pool of qualified technical and seasoned retail media experts with a combined extensive experiences working with major consumer brands and retail partners in the UK and South East Asia.

Media Insights

On average, consumers attention span is only 8 seconds but during our recent Tesco’s store trial, the average interaction time with our 3D media was over 2 minutes. This creates an opportunity for brands to influence consumer’s purchase intention in their most favorable and ideal state of mind.


Looked at it


Pointed at it


Commented on it


Brand recall

Average Interaction Time : 2.24 minutes


Unit M2, Mezzanine Floor,
Global Business & Convention Center,
No.8, Jalan 19/1, Section 19,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


What People Say

"It's awesome."

"I think it's fresh and original, I've never seen anything like it."

"I think it's wonderfully interactive."

What The Shopper Marketeers Say

“It looked really good. I definitely think there’s a future for this type of activity in stores around the country and will be intrigued to see how it develops as a proposition going forward.”

Alex Joynson

Shopper Activation Manager, Cadbury

Visual EFX's primary intention is to collaborate with top media agencies and media owners to build capex free revenue sharing partnerships. By building a permanent network of projectors across their top performing and high footfall locations, it proposes to jointly offer there sites for brands to advertise their products and services.

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